Jigs, Reels & Other Irish Songs

"The Great Gaels of Ireland 
are the men that gods made mad;
For all their wars are merry,
And all their songs are sad."

The Ballad of the White Horse, G. K. Chesterton

Irish Music Files


File Name

Song Title


174.mid O'Carolan's #174 Harold Doolan's Tunebook
3littleb.mid Three Little Boats went out to Sea Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
ailiu-ea.mid Ailiú Éanai Clarke p.22
allie.mid Allie Crocker Harold Doolan's Tunebook
als.mid Auld Lang Syne 1 Visitor submission
ancluinn.mid Do You Hear Me My Brown Haired Maiden? Visitor submission
angus.mid Angus Campbell Harold Doolan's Tunebook
archie.mid Archie Menzie's Reel Harold Doolan's Tunebook
aughrim.mid After the Battle of Aughrim Harold Doolan's Tunebook
auldlang.mid Auld Lang Syne 2 Visitor submission
be-fair.mid There Will Be A Fair Tomorrow Clarke p.22
betbaker.mid Betsy Baker Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
blkbird2.mid Blackbird 2 O'Neill's #20, p.35
blkbird4.mid Blackbird 4 O'Neill's #1793, p.336
bthorn.mid Blackthorn Stick Harold Doolan's Tunebook
bucks.mid Bucks of Oranmore O'Neill's #1199, p.226
c-frazer.mid Colonel Frazer O'Neill's #1246, p.254
colerain.mid Coleraine Harold Doolan's Tunebook
courting.mid Courting Song Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
craigs.mid Craig's Reel O'Neill's #1212, p.229
dawnday.mid Dawning of the Day Clarke p.21
dowd's.mid Dowd's Favorite Harold Doolan's Tunebook
drowsy.mid Drowsey Maggie O'Neill's #1425, p.264
fairies.mid Fairies' Hornpipe O'Neill's #1718, p.319
fannypow.mid Fanny Power Clarke p.58
feathers.mid Toss the Feathers Harold Doolan's Tunebook
gaolants.mid Gaol An t-Seoladair Visitor submission
garbarry.mid Garrett Barry's Jig Clarke p.31
garyowen.mid Garyowen O'Neill's #971, p.180
gdillon.mid Gerald Dillon Harold Doolan's Tunebook
grbushes.mid Down by the Green Bushes Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
gynenym1.mid Gyn Ennym (#1) Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
harvestd.mid Harvest Dance Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
haste.mid Haste to the Wedding Harold Doolan's Tunebook
huntwren.mid Hunt the Wren Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
jenny's.mid Jenny's Welcome to Charlie Harold Doolan's Tunebook
jockey.mid Jockey to the Fair O'Neill's #1796, p.336
johncope.mid Johnnie Cope Clarke p.84
kingpipe.mid The King of the Pipers Irish Pipers Club Winter 1996
maggie.mid Drowsy Maggie Harold Doolan's Tunebook
marycndl.mid Mary of the Candle Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
mbonaprt.mid Madame Bonaparte Clarke p.76
merryblk.mid Merry Blacksmith Clarke p.42
morgan.mid Morgan Megan Harold Doolan's Tunebook
neil.mid Big John McNeil Harold Doolan's Tunebook
oak_tree.mid Oak Tree Harold Doolan's Tunebook
ocarconc.mid O'Carolan's Concerto O'Neill's #633, p.113
on-eirne.mid Buachaill ón Éirne Clarke p.24
pipe-hob.mid Pipe on the Hob O'Neill's #705, p.131
planxtyd.mid Planxty Drury Harold Doolan's Tunebook
planxtyg.mid Planxty George Brabazon Harold Doolan's Tunebook
rambles.mid Connaught Man's Rambles Harold Doolan's Tunebook
righnd.mid Righ Nan Dul Visitor submission
salmanca.mid Salamanca Reel O'Neill's #1358, p.252
songchnt.mid Song of the Chanter Clarke p.25
sonnysmz.mid Sonny's Mazurka Clarke p.83
staten.mid Staten Island Hornpipe Harold Doolan's Tunebook
strop3.mid Strop the Razor (#3) Clarke p.50
timour.mid Timour the Tartar Harold Doolan's Tunebook
tomdukes.mid Here Comes Tom Dukes A-Riding Irish Pipers Club Fall 1995
wheels.mid Wheels of the World Harold Doolan's Tunebook
whitecoc.mid White Cockade O'Neill's #1803, p.338
wychwm.mid Will You Come Home With Me? Clarke p.32